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Welcome to my world. The year is 2000...soon to be 2001. I live in a house in the city of Lincoln in the state of Nebraska. I live with 2 women, 1 man, and 3 children. The women are my Mother and Aunt. Pam and Rae. My Mother is a woman in her late 30s, yet act like she is still in her 20s. We often bicker, but that is to be expected. My Aunt is a woman with many different sides of her personality. There is a part that you love, and then the part that you wish would just go away and not return. The man is my Uncle, Doug. Rae's husband. He is a man who just hit his 30s, but act ways younger than his years. His wife, 29, and he have been married for nearly 11 years. They are to remarry soon. The children are my cousins. Kristel who is 9, DeJay who is 7, and Gerame who is 6. Kristel is the one who just wants to please everyone. You tell her to jump, and she asks how high. DeJay is the troublemaker, the one most likely to wind up behind bars. I also have a lingering suspision about his sexuality...or what will be. I think he is to be gay, not that it would matter. Who i am to judge? But we'll get into that later. Gerame is the youngest...without a doubt, the baby in every way. Its hard to say no to this one, and when you do, you feel guilty about it. I have 3 or 4 main people in my life. Maybe 5, if you count him. There is Chris and Leng, the two i have known the longest, for almost 8 years. Chris is a young man of 17, yet has suffered more than almost anyone i know. He has had a daughter named Kaitlyn, and lost her as well. She was only 2 weeks. His new girlfriend is pregnant as i type. Sometimes i wonder what is going on through that boys head...if anything other than "sex is good.". I foolishly fell in love with him. It was probably the worst mistake i could have ever made. Alas, i was too late for him. He was in love with me at one point, but it had ended before it had began. Leng is my other close friend of 17. She is a shy chinese girl, who would much rater read than fuck. Excuse my vulgar langange, but i really like that word. Then there is Slade. I dont see him anymore, but i would be lying if i said he wasnt a big part of my life. Every time i thought i would never be kissed again, there he would be, in all his handsome glory, ready to pucker up. He made me feel sexy. Not an easy task. Last i heard of him, he was engaged. I was heartbroken. I think i might have been falling for him, but who can tell? Then there is Katie. I met her via the internet. An 19 year old girl who agreed to accompany me to a 98 Degrees concert. I was desprete to go. We met in real life about a week beforehand. She was a wonderful woman who gave me my first woman/woman kiss. Even though i've known about my bisexuality for some years, i hadnt acted on any of those feelings. She had the softest lips and the most beatiful eyes. I may have had a lingering crush on her, but thats all it was...a crush. Now we come to Evey. Ahh, Eveybaby. My best friend in the whole world. The best 20 year old a girl could ever know. She lives way down in Florida, but i am going down to move in with her in a matter of months. I was very concerned when i came out to her. I believed her to be homophobic. But two days later...who comes out? Yep, Evey. She's a beautiful girl too. Thin and blonde. Everyone's dream. Speaking of dreams...we have now come to Cassie. Cassie is a girl i met through a personal ad. She is an African American girl (16) who lives up in Omaha.